Dyanne Davis
Excerpt from
Many Shades of Gray
Chapter one
Okay, I’m not a heroine, I’m a flesh and blood woman and I’ve made a lot of dumb ass mistakes in
my life.  So if you’re looking for someone to emulate I would suggest that you close this book and
find someone else.  I am not the one you’re looking for.

This is not a pretty little romance where all of the characters will do what you want and you will be
left with a feel good feeling. I have no idea how this will play out.

It’s my life we’re talking about and it’s real. Most days it’s so damn real that I want to rewrite it. It’s
ugly and it’s brutal but it’s me. If you can handle real life then you might just be able to handle
what I’m going to write.

If you’re still reading, good.  You’re the one I’m looking for. What I will tell you will be an honest
story of my life and I won’t pull any punches.  I’m not asking you to root for me and I’m definitely
not asking for sympathy.  If I were the one reading this story and learning of my bitchiness for the
first time I would definitely want to slap the hell out of me and fling the book across the room.
But even bitches have a reason for being that way. Trust me. Just don’t judge until you have all of
the facts.

If you’re still with me, I suggest we get started.     

Simon laid the page back on Janice’s desk and walked up the stairs to see if she was ready.  He
wondered what the hell her book was going to be about.  He knew one thing for certain: She was
definitely starting it out differently from any of the others.  Another thing he knew: She had left the
first page there for him to see.  If she had not wanted him to read it she would have closed the
door to her study, a signal that she wanted her office to remain private, or she would not have not
printed it.  But now he’d read it and she had him curious, as always.