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God is on my couch -- ACTUALLY SITTING. on. my. couch. I want to
record our convo: get it down for posterity, help the world, save
some people, (use it to write a bestseller). One look at God's face,
though, and I know it's not going to happen. What's a writer to do?

God's Analyst
Finally, the book I've been working on for more than a decade has been completed. I've written novels. novellas, and short stories instead of  finishing this book.
Finally I did.  If you've ever wondered what you would do if God came to visit you, maybe you'll like to know what not to do. Read God's Analyst and find out.

Just a reminder to you that this is not a romance. It's my musing in first person. And it's a fictional story.  
My family went to Niagara Falls, Canada for Bill's birthday in April.  This is the view from our 18th floor hotel window.
These two pictures are when we actually took the bus and went to the falls ,  There was one area of the rails that if you held on you had the distinct feeling
of moving.  
This is a picture behind the falls.  I think I expected to actually see the falls, and I
guess I did. It was a giant wall of water.  I was amazed at the way tunnel you had to
walk to get behind the falls, and the fact that someone even thought to do this, or
that they could.  The imagination knows no bounds.
Billy in front of the falls.  I have no
idea if it's the Canadian side or the
American side.
Bill and Billy, and a picture of the falls with this beautiful rainbow. We kept
seeing rainbows during our trip.
We got someone to take a picture of the family. Why the jackets and my hat? LOL.  It
was cold.  I can't stand cold air to get in my ears
The hotel is right behind us up a hill that you have to take some soft of contraption to get back
up the hill, then cross over this bridge, that's over the traffic.  Not for me. LOL.  We were so
tired already and preferred to wait 20 min. For the bus and take the 22 min. bus ride back to
the hotel.  Yes it was much, much longer, but hey.
WOW! It's amazing how long it takes me to update things. I've spent two days just trying to get the pictures of our vacation lined up in some kind of order.
For now I'm still working on the Lunchtime quickies series. Just a little background on this in case you're not already aware what this project was going
to be. Each story was going to be around 5000 words.

By now you know writers have no control over these things, they just happen to us. So, what happened was, I started the first SHORT story and it turned
into a 10,000 word novella. Then the non-connected story became 5 novellas (we'll see) about the same couple. We're going to follow them from the
beginning of their relationship until the conclusion.  I can promise you each novella will be sexy, flirty and fun.  Just remember none of that equals
consummation. Since the rest of the stories haven't been written, I have no idea what will happen.  I can tell you that the idea came for the second one
and it made me laugh out loud.

At present the plan is to bring out each new story a month to six weeks apart.  Don't hold me to this as sometimes life gets in the way.  I do want to tell
you that for the first five stories,  I will be using the same couple, so it will be the same cover, with a different title.  Note: the five stories have now turned
into seven, and the time from what I stated above to every 2-3 months. LIFE.

I am also working on finishing my novel, God's Analyst.  This is a book I started more than a decade ago.  It's different than anything I've ever written,
which is probably why it's taking so long. LOL. I'll tell you more about it when I get closer to having it finished.  Oh, I will tell you, it's not a romance.   Last
but not least, I have to get back to Adam.

I hope you like the idea of a quick read, and that you will enjoy Serena and Ross' stories.  Soon we will be into summer, enjoy it, in fact enjoy every
moment of your life as though it will be   your last.

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sale $1.99

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